3shape TRIOS® Digital Impressions

By investing in the latest digital technology, we are trying our best to eliminate the dreaded traditional dental impressions while surpassing the level of accuracy ever achieved in the past. TRIOS® Ortho allows us to capture the entire mouth directly as an accurate, full-color 3D digital model, and completely omit physical impressions simply by scanning the teeth and surrounding structures with a wand. We even have the ability to share the scan files with your dentist, which potentially reduces the number of impressions he or she will need to take of your teeth.

TRIOS® benefits

  • No impression materials, trays, or mess
  • Never retake an impression
  • Faster impression taking and shorter appointments
  • Stop and resume scan at any time
  • Higher accuracy than traditional impressions
  • Digitally manipulate models of your teeth
  • Communicate more quickly with other dental professionals and labs

The TRIOS® Ortho is to orthodontics what the digital camera has become to photography. The future of dental diagnosis, treatment planning, and delivery is in our office today!

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