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What makes us unique

Top-Notch Tailored Service

We're the most dependable specialty dental office in the greater York, Pennsylvania area. We pay attention to your special needs and requirements. Our flexibility, attention to detail, and dedication to first-class specialty dentistry allows us to deliver top-notch services tailored to your dental needs, expectations, and schedule.

Quality Emergency Services a Call Away

We live here, too! As residents of central Pennsylvania, we’re always ready and eager to deliver stellar and prompt emergency services to our fellow community members. If the pain and discomfort caused by your dental issues are affecting your health and well-being, now would be a good time to give us a call and schedule a first appointment! Come visit our office today.

Professional and Friendly Atmosphere

At F&S, we create a superior dental care experience for all of our patients by offering professional dental services in a comfortable environment with a warm, friendly ambiance. Come visit us today to discuss the best treatment for you, and become part of the F&S family.

Small Impacts matter

We strive to run a modern, efficient, and paperless office

At F&S, we work hard to minimize our carbon footprint and run an almost completely paperless, eco-friendly office. With secure, 24/7 access to our patient records/images, we oftentimes eliminate the need for additional X-rays and expenses. All of our treatment rooms are equipped with flat-screen TVs, computers, and modern furnishings designed to increase your level of comfort during appointments.

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Because we love what we do

We are the best at what we do

Meet Dr. Fishel

Dr.Fishel is a leader for the CCO (Complete Clinical Orthodontics) group from Dentsply Sirona Orthodontics, one of the most prominent companies operating in the orthodontics sector. The CCO group is driven by an ambitious goal that goes well beyond perfectly aligned teeth. Its mission is to help train orthodontists by offering them access to educational tools and technology designed to support their daily operations.

Our Expert Team

Together, we work as a team. The affordability and superior quality of our work, our friendly attitude, remarkable flexibility, and modern office are the main elements that have helped us make a name for ourselves as York and Red Lion orthodontic and periodontal service experts.

Because we love what we do

We are the best at what we do