Transform Your Smile with Surgical Orthodontic Services

Surgical orthodontics may be the one and only feasible treatment option for patients who have upper and lower jaws that are not properly aligned and who cannot achieve a correct bite via conservative treatment methods.

Surgical orthodontics is sometimes seen as the key to addressing esthetic concerns, such as the odd size and shape of the jaws. Considering that such surgical procedures involve the surgical correction of the jaw alignment, they will also shift the patient’s teeth; therefore, F&S orthodontic specialists will recommend braces in addition to surgical interventions to help their patients achieve a perfect smile.

Are You a Candidate for Surgical Orthodontics?

Surgical orthodontics may help you improve the look and functionality of your mouth and teeth if you’re dealing with complex orthodontic problems, such as a severe malocclusion and jaw bone abnormalities. Surgical orthodontic procedures are largely performed only when the jaw is fully developed. Generally, jaw growth is completed at 16 for girls and at 18 for boys.

Your trusted specialists from F&S will conduct an initial evaluation to assess the nature and extent of your particular orthodontic problems. After evaluating your X-rays, we will be able to decide whether you would be a good candidate for surgical orthodontics.

Getting Ready for Surgical Orthodontics

Before surgery, orthodontists focus on a pre-surgery phase, during which they will strive to achieve improved dental alignment within the jaws. The post-surgical phase encompasses a form of bite treatment, at which time the patient’s teeth are shifted again to an ideal bite. Every single case involves a different approach and timeline.

Through orthodontic surgery, surgeons can shift the upper jaw downward, upward, frontward, and/or backward. When conducting lower jaw surgery, dentists can move the lower jawbone backward or forward to correct alignment issues and any other abnormalities visible on the patient’s X-rays. By working closely with the experts at F&S, you will get the best diagnostics, treatment options, and aftercare recommendations that will boost the success rate of your surgical orthodontic treatment.

Post-Orthodontic Surgery Care and Follow-Up

After surgery, you will be required to wait a few weeks before going back to your normal daily activities. During the recovery period, it is imperative to follow the post-operative recommendations made by your surgeon. Your orthodontist may schedule your follow-up visit a month after your surgery, or even sooner, depending on the particularities of your situation. Most patients who undergo surgical orthodontic procedures have to wear braces for up to 12 months after their operation.

If your goal is to collaborate with specialists who will guide you towards the best outcome, contact our F&S team members today and schedule your first appointment with the best providers of surgical orthodontics in York county.