At F&S Orthodontics and Periodontics, we constantly strive to implement the latest technology to simplify and improve our daily orthodontic procedures. We rely on Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) and other dental technologies to help our patients achieve a perfect smile at any age.

What Are Temporary Anchorage Devices?

TADs are non-moveable dental pins that can be strategically inserted to move select teeth that must be moved without altering the placement of surrounding teeth that should not be moved. TADs comprise mini-implants or mini-screws that are temporarily positioned into the patient’s jaws bone to act like non-moveable anchor units designed to support efficient tooth movement. These devices are easy to remove once their job in done.

How Are TADs Inserted?

TADs are small and can be easily inserted using local anesthesia without causing any pain or significant discomfort. Once the surface is numb, we will insert the TAD gently through the gums, and firmly secure it into the jawbone.

In case you experience a mild discomfort after the placement of TADs, this discomfort can easily be relieved by taking Ibuprofen.

TADs Contribute to Rapid, More Successful Orthodontic Procedures

TADs are maintained in position by mechanical retention, not by fusion to jaw bone like regular dental implants. Just like small screws, TADs are self-tapping and can be easily inserted with a small driver. Cost-efficient and easy to install, these devices are also easy to remove and require minimal waiting time.

Used to correct dental position and jaw position irregularities, sometimes in addition to braces, or as a substitute for headgear, TADs have the power to elevate the success rate of our orthodontic procedures, while maximizing our patients’ level of comfort and satisfaction.

Contact our specialists today to receive further information on TADs and other dental specialty procedures that can help reshape your smile and teeth rapidly and comfortably.