Everything You Need to Know about the Cost of Dental Services at F&S

Is the cost of specialty dental services one of the main factors that makes you consider postponing your smile makeover? At F&S, we strive to create and implement affordable dental treatment plans for every patient that visits our office.

We offer you the opportunity to select your preferred payment method, and provide extended, no-interest financing to help you benefit from the best orthodontic and periodontal services in your area.

No Reason to Feel Intimidated by the Cost of Specialty Dental Services at F&S

If you count on dental insurance, we will do everything in our power to ensure you get the optimum insurance benefit. In case you need assistance filling out or submitting insurance forms, our staff members would be happy to complete this task on your behalf.

The Best Dental Care Plan Is Only One Office Visit Away

We are looking forward to discussing financing options that may work best for you. Please don’t forget to bring your insurance information with you to help us speed up reimbursement. At F&S, we are ready to break down the costs of dental services, present the most attractive financing options, and design a specialty dental treatment plan matching your budget and expectations.

Schedule Your Office Tour to Discover the Best Specialty Practice In Your Area

At F&S, we are always thrilled to share our knowledge and expertise with our patients to help them benefit from affordable, top-notch dental treatments that have the power to transform smiles and change lives.

This is why we would love to meet you in our own working environment. Come and find out why we run the best specialty dental practices in York county. Schedule your office tour today, come meet with our team members, and see our modern office and treatment areas. We can’t wait to welcome you and offer you the expert guidance and professional services that you need to improve your oral health and smile.

Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting Our Red Lion or York Office

Your journey to a flawless smile at any age starts and ends inside one of our offices, where you will have the opportunity to meet our dependable team members, benefit from a complimentary assessment, discuss your treatment options with your preferred specialist, and make the most of affordable dental services, leading to a perfectly healthy mouth. Before scheduling your visit, here are a few things that you should know about our practice and the dental services that we provide.

Get a Free Initial Smile Assessment and Meet Your Trusted Dental Experts Today

Why postpone the dental makeover that could improve your level of self-esteem, appearance and overall oral health, when you could make a giant first step in this direction today?

Meet Dr. Fishel at our offices, and profit from a complimentary smile assessment that will guide you towards tailor-made orthodontic and periodontal treatment plans created to match the nature and extent of your dental problem, as well as your budget and expectations. By scheduling your free initial appointment you could benefit from the care and attention of the best dental specialists in your area, who will:

  • Evaluate your dental and medical history
  • Conduct a complete oral exam, correlated with an analysis of your orthodontic records
  • Discuss the particularities of your case, and design a personalized treatment plan
  • Point you towards the ideal treatment options tailored to meet your needs and demands, while also providing accurate expert information on important aspects such as financing, treatment overview, aftercare, and more

The complimentary smile assessment is a big first step towards a healthier, more appealing mouth and smile. After getting to know each other, our team members will invite you to schedule a second appointment, where your orthodontic appliances will be placed. Generally speaking, the duration of an initial appointment ranges from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the complexity of your situation. During this time, our team members will do everything in their power to create a comfortable, truly enjoyable experience for you.

Scheduling Appointments

At F&S, we see each patient as a family member, and put our time, skills, and knowledge at our clients’ disposal to help them reach the dental health and wellness goals that they have in mind in the most satisfying manner.

Driven by our desire to maintain a relaxing, flexible working environment, we are always ready to schedule appointments based on our patients’ busy schedules. Whether you would like to schedule dental services on a Saturday to avoid taking time off work, or want all your visits to take place early in the morning or in the early evening, we would be happy to match our goals to your timeframe.

We also know that sometimes it is virtually impossible to foresee events that may force you to adjust your plans for the day. This is why our team members are always ready and eager to reschedule your appointments, if needed, and accommodate you at your best convenience.

Visiting Our Offices while Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment

While following the orthodontic treatment plan created especially for you by our specialists, you should expect to visit our offices every four to eight weeks to make sure that everything goes according to plan, and receive the stellar care and expert guidance leading to a perfectly aligned, healthy and attractive set of teeth. Appointment frequency depends a great deal on the nature and extent of your dental irregularities. Regardless of the particularities of your case, we are always eager to implement positive changes that bring our patients one step closer to a radiant, healthy smile.

Schedule your first visit today, and get ready for a complimentary assessment that will help you explore and embrace the best orthodontic and periodontal treatment options for you.